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5 Different Ways to Build Muscles

5 Different Ways to Build Muscles

5 Different Ways to Build Muscles

Everyone these days is trying to build a strong body, especially the youngsters. Strong and fit body makes a man perfect and handsome. That is the reason that most of the men are trying to build a good looking body. Here are some ways to make your body muscles perfect.

1) Eat Regularly

The most important thing is to make eating a habit. If you want to have healthy muscles you must eat healthy food too. This can be done by increasing the number of calories you are taking daily. For example, if you are taking 25000 calories now then increase this amount up to 30000 calories. But make sure that what things you are eating are neat and clean. Eating irregularly is not helpful. So, always try to eat regularly.

2). Take Protein and Drink more Water

Take 1-2 grams of proteins per kilogram of your body weight. For example, if your weight is 75 kg then you must take 75-150 g of proteins per day.

The second thing which is more important is to drink water as much as possible. It is a well known saying that for a healthy body you must drink 15 to 20 glass of clean water in a day. It helps to grow your tissues.  The exact formula is given as

Weight in lbs * 0.6= amount of water in ounces per day

3) Eat Fats

Yes! It’s true. It does make your food tasty. It is good for you if you are eating fat food in a proper ratio. Remember, an excess of fats is not good for you as well. Saturated fats as Butter, chips or bacon must be in a limited amount of 20 g. You should know that unsaturated fats are also good and beneficial. These fats are important for the proper distribution of vitamins A, D, and K in a human body. Similarly, proper amount of Monosaturated and Polysaturated fats are very beneficial for human health and muscles.

4) Take Proper Sleep

Sleep is a very important component of the recovery process. It keeps your body and mind active. A body of a child grows when he sleeps.

The right amount of sleep and rest each night along with proper rest makes your muscles very strong. This was said by Tricia.




5) Exercises and Workouts

After the heavy and healthy food, the main thing arises is to consume this food in a good way. An excessive amount of cardio is useful to muscle gain. Supplements are important too. I will say again and again an excess of everything is bad. Taking too many supplements can be dangerous for your body and muscles.

If you do not want to eat food much you can use mass gainer. A mass gainer is basically calories in the form of a shake. So, instead of using rice, chicken or any other heavy food you can use shake. It is better for you to make your own shake of fruits.  In exercises, pushups, chin ups or weight lifting help your body to grow. Do not spend more than 1 hour in the gym.


So, these are some tips and tricks you can choose to build strong muscles for a long time which will help you to stay fit and look charming.