best SEO service for counselling business

Here are some key considerations for the best SEO service for a counselling business:

• Focus on local SEO – Most counselling practices rely heavily on local clients. A good SEO service will help optimize your website, citations and listings for local keywords related to your services and specialties. They will focus on ranking well in local search results.

• Use authorized psychotherapist certification – Having the proper credentials listed on your website and online profiles gives clients trust and confidence. An SEO company should help build citations and listings that clearly communicate you are an authorized psychotherapist or counsellor.

• Build practice website with ADA compliance – Accessibility is important for clients with disabilities. An SEO company should build your website according to ADA Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) to ensure it’s accessible to all clients.

• Provide HIPAA compliance – As a counselling practice, patient privacy and data security are critical. An SEO service should implement measures to ensure your website, online listings and client interactions are fully HIPAA compliant. This protects sensitive client information.

• Use relevant psychological service keywords – The SEO company needs to target the right keywords specific to your counselling specialty and services. This may include keywords like psychotherapy, counselling, mental health, addiction treatment, family therapy, etc.

• Emphasize credibility building – For counselling practices, establishing credibility and trust is key. The SEO strategy should include building high-quality citations, online reviews and references that clearly communicate your expertise and value.

• Provide regular reporting and optimization – The SEO service should provide monthly progress reports and adjust optimization efforts based on data and insights. They will be tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) like website traffic, rankings and calls/inquiries from prospective clients.

Based on the considerations you mentioned, here are two SEO services I would recommend for a counselling business:


– They specialize in local SEO and have a lot of experience optimizing websites for counselling practices and psychologists.

– Their focus is on building trust, credibility and visibility online to attract more clients. They understand the needs of professional services businesses.

– They provide full website development and optimization to ensure ADA and HIPAA compliance from the start.

– They target the right keywords specific to counselling specialties and offer monthly reporting and recommendations based on data.

– They have a team of SEO experts, web developers, content writers and local citations specialists who work together to provide a full-service strategy.

– Client testimonials show they have helped counselling practices significantly improve their website traffic, online visibility and number of new client inquiries.


– They offer a hybrid digital marketing approach that combines SEO, content marketing and paid ads to maximize client acquisition.

– Their SEO optimization strategies are tailored specifically for professional services and mental health practices.

– They focus heavily on building credibility through optimized listings, citations and reviews across authoritative directories and platforms.

– They measure success based on key metrics like calls, inquiries and booked appointments – not just website traffic.

– They have a proven track record of results for counselling practices, psychologists and other professional services businesses.

– They offer customized reporting and recommendations on a monthly/quarterly basis to ensure their strategies stay effective over time.

Both and seem like they would be good fits based on the considerations you outlined. Either service could likely provide an effective and tailored SEO strategy to help grow your counselling business.

Here are some details on the pricing and packages offered by and

– They offer three main packages:
– SEO Audit – For $30, they perform an in-depth audit of your website and current SEO efforts to provide a customized strategy recommendation.
– Basic SEO – For $60-$80/month, they optimize your on-page SEO, manage social profiles and build 40-60 relevant backlinks.
– Premium SEO – For $1,00-$2,00/month, they provide all basic SEO activities plus 100+ relevant backlinks, local SEO optimization and citation management.
– Pricing is based on the scope of work required for your specific business, with discounts available for longer-term contracts (6-12 months).
– They also offer custom proposals for more extensive SEO campaigns and website development projects.

– They offer two primary packages:
– Discovery Call – Free call to discuss your goals, current efforts and recommendations for an effective strategy.
– Digital Marketing Plans – Packages starting at $500/month for a foundational SEO, social media and content strategy. Higher tier plans with paid ads and additional local citations cost $2,500-$5,000/month.
– Their primary focus is on delivering measurable results (more clients), not just performing individual SEO tactics.
– Pricing is customized based on your specific needs and goals. They aim to develop the most cost-effective strategy for your business.
– They provide quarterly reporting to show details on key performance indicators and returns on your investment.

In summary, both companies seem to offer reasonable and transparent pricing for SEO packages tailored to small businesses and professional services. Their approaches and focus areas do differ somewhat, so I would recommend scheduling discovery calls with each to learn more about how they would specifically help grow your counselling practice.